CS Portable

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  • CS Portable


    Get ready for some FPS action in this amazing first person shooter game based on the popular Counter Strike 1.6 Half Life mod. In Critical Strike portable you will be engaging in fights against terrorists or you can choose to play as the terrorist in different game modes such as Co-op zombie survival, Bomb defuse, hostage rescue and many more game modes such as team death-match where you will battle other players for around the world in order to become the best player. Enjoy this multiplayer game which requires no download to play and can be played from any unblocked school computer.

  • Instructions:

    ESC = Exit Fullscreen. W/A/S/D Keys = Movement. Mouse = Aim & Shoot. R = Reload Weapon. Spacebar = Jump. Y = Chat. M = Select Team. 5 = Select bomb. Mouse Scroll = Select Gun. Left Mouse Button (hold) = Plant bomb. E = Detonate bomb.