Cinderella Story

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  • Cinderella Story


    Enter into a wonderful realm of adventure and fairy testimonies, playing as a Cinderella-like humble maiden (or play as a male equivalent). There's a lot of (fun) work to do! Because you complete quests, you also get ready for the much anticipated gross annual ball, by doing tasks such as finding glass slippers and turning a pumpkin into a carriage. And stay careful: it has been rumored which a crafty witch and her minions are organizing to pay the Empire a little visit! On the way, you'll befriend other fairy tales icons, such or if you Fairy Godmother, the commendable robber Robin Hood, beautiful Rapunzel, and Prince Wonderful. Share your progress with your friends on Fb, and visit their kingdoms. Includes cutscenes, body choices of your avatar and an attire up feature.

  • Instructions:

    Follow the instructions given in the game.